How love blinds you

Breaking up the love utopia. Not for hardcore people, but especially for soft-hearted ones. Or how love can destroy you for good if you place yourself where you don’t belong.

Before you start hating me, let me tell you this : I loved too. I loved with all my heart, I loved more that I cared about myself, I went through hell and worse for my “soul mate”, I was willing to go wherever with him, I put myself second, I started to believe all that he was saying bad about me…WOW WOW WOW, wait a lil’! At what point did I stopped talking about love and started to talk about self-destruction? The lines are very blurry. YES, love CAN and WILL be self-destructing if you don’t know to what you put yourself up to or if the partner is toxic, or both. I know people that would perfectly match yet there is something that stands in their way. And that is LIFE standing right between them, also known as God, and it does not allow them to ever meet. And it’s safe to say that He knows best, it doesn’t really matter what you think. I am not saying all of this because I am over love, or because I hate humans and I stay in my little corner and I throw rocks at people. No, I am decently happy with everything, even though my wounds are still in the process of healing. But I learned a lot, that what hurt will do to ya, and here it is:

  • perspective of perfect

No one is perfect. But yet love makes us think that he or she is. What’s up with that? The fact that they are so dear to us, that we are attached to that person, that they fit our standards erases everything else bad or not pleasant.

Getting over their rude temper just because.

This is more common that you would think. You just assume that it is ok for them to act like that, and you just act accordingly. In the worst manner also, because it can really turn into bullying, and ultimately it can destroy you emotionally. If you are someone that prefers to think that they will change because you know them better, well, you couldn’t be more wrong. If they don’t act like that in the first place, that is there isn’t much that you can do. People change because they want to, not because you believe they will.

  • letting them belittle you

That is really close to bullying, only that it doesn’t really seem like bullying at first. It doesn’t leave a mark or a scar, like words and indifference leaves, but nonetheless it creates a deep abysss between what you think you are and what he think you are, and soon enough that abyss gets littler until his opinions about you translates into your opinion about yourself. And might I say that if it is a destructive opinion, it’ll leave you marked real good.

Now you are going to ask “Who stays in such a relationship? I would never do that”. And to that I say “Don’t count your sheeps…”…

….to be continued


No matter how harsh life was with them and their social-economic background, they all said the same things on their death beds. No one mentioned a single thing about what we worry about these days. And it should be a clear alarm sound for us. While we still have time.



I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

I wish didn’t work so much.

I wish I had the courage to express my feelings.

I wish I stayed in touch with my friends.

I wish that I had let myself be happier.

I wish I had lived in the moment.

I wish I had listen to my gut.

I wish I hadn’t worried so much.

I wish I hadn’t taken myself so seriously.

I wish I hadn’t argued so much.


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Now, ain’t that SO SO sad. Ee could even say that we heard this before. And we did.


As much as we find clichés every time we open Facebook or Instagram, those clichés are not even part of our lives. But do you even sense the irony that lays in them?


YET no one takes the time.



YET no one is.


YET everyone does it.



YET no one has.



YET everyone does.



YET no one lives up to that.


YET it’s no one’s mantra.


YET everyone filters their’s.


YET everyone doest this.


YET no one does.


YET no one does.


They carry a lot of meaning behind them. They have lots of stories behind them. A lot of variables also.And more importantly, they are true. But under this coat of “clichés”, people forget to take this as a reminder, not as a life lesson.

You know the saying “One picture, 1000 words”? Well I say in this case “One sentence, 1000 meanings”.



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The thing that we all need next to oxygen

At any point everything can end. I am going to repeat that. AT ANY POINT EVERYTHING CAN END. I know no one understands this, heck, I don’t even completely understand it.

But it puts everything in a different perspective. When do you live the most, when you don’t know when life’s going to end, when you live in the now, or when you know you have 24 hours left?

I always asked myself that. At some point, I understood life. Not all of it, but at least this very moment.

Look back at the past. I am sure you have at least one moment that you regret not living it to the fullest. You really can’t do a thing about it, but what you can do is to control how you act in the future. And RIGHT NOW.

Some people call it mindfulness, being the the moment, in the now… I call it simply LIVING. Everything has life in it: breathing, working up a sweat, drinking tea, laughing your ass off, adrenaline rushes, tears, melancholy, loving, letting go, writing, caressing, caring, indifference…Name some more, it really doesn’t have an end. Everything that you do can be grand if you choose to look at it like this. It sounds like the biggest Internet cliché ever, but it is actually backed up by psychology, more specific by neuro-linguistic. “But if it is that easy, why everyone is so miserable? ” would be the next question in line.

Well…because it is easier to be miserable. Yes, to be happy you actually have to DO something, to get you ass off the couch, to go out, to conquer life, to fight with life, and apparently no one has time for that. Which is kinda counterproductive, all you have IS life and time.

And what I realized was that the first step to everything is to be aware of yourself. How you act, how you react, how you respond(or how you don’t), how you express your emotions(or don’t) and how others perceive you. While I am all about not caring what others think, it is safe to say that we do care about what others think, and it is a good thing to a certain extent. It makes us that much more NOT megalomaniac. Caring about others’ opinions is toxic when what they say affects us on the short and long term and when the importance of their opinions surpasses our own.

Don’t get stuck in the circle that your mind can create. Try to go break free from this merry-go-round, see what you’ll find.


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Power takes over weakness

God sends you in the worst storm ever

But you fight back a lot, not even knowing  who is your enemy.

Months pass, you change, life looks different,

And you are finally ok.

You look scared around yourself and you wait for someone to hurt you,

But all that is left around you is… stillness.

Stillness and happiness. Something that you missed a lot in the last months,

Or years.

And all of the sudden you smile. And more than that, you find yourself laughing.

And then you realize all that you want is to be innocent, to laugh,

To float above the world and to have your soul filled with happiness.

One day comes when all the pieces come together

And you will laugh at the misery.

“When you realized just how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky” – Buddha


When you rise above the water

When you leave your weakness at the bottom of the sea

Power will take over

And Congratulations! You are invincible.

Follw up of the “Cleaning Stage”

You did you best. You healed. You figured out yourself(as much as you could). We all know it’s best to go in a new place with all the old issues resolved. So that is what we did.

You lost your past. You let it there, now take with you only the lessons, without resentment. Great! Now let’s target the next level!


It won’t be necessary easy, but it’s liberating.



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When sometimes all you need is summer

When everything happens before 12 o’clock or How the end of summer changed my life

Twas close to midnight. Soft, crisp breeze. Nothing unusual. Until the combination between the wind, the music in my earphones and my feelings synced in such a way that it created my very first true happy moment in the last 6 months, or even more, who even remembers. My smile was so big that my cheeks almost hurt, and my soul was full of a kind of energy that I never felt before.

Lighthearted, full of peace, blissfully calm. YOU are not in my mind anymore. The more I wanted you out of it, the more you wanted to be in it. For such a long time I let you run through my deepest corners, then I let the memories of you haunt me, and after a while of struggling to get you out of my heart, I gave up on trying to erase you. In that moment, you disappeared. This is the moment I waited for all summer long. And it just happened 20 minutes before the clock stroked midnight on 31st of August. This is what I call magic.

More than 3 months of continuous torment, of continuous pain in my chest that it did not even allow me to live. Months of wonder, of change, of tears, of sad lonely nights, of early mornings full of questions, of rage and misunderstanding. And here I am today, at the end of yet another season, at the end of the holiday, alone in my room, crossed legged, a drink in my hand, breeze in my face, with the world silent alongside, as I am witnessing how the pain just flies away from me.

I am finally free.

Free from you.

Free to rediscover myself.

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